Jun 2020

Stop Having Excuses. Start Hustling

By now, we have heard more than enough of these
words: COVID-19, Coronavirus, social distancing and many more.

I will tell you one more word I have heard enough

I hear people blaming their low sales on the virus,
on their customers being closed, on the fact they can’t make face-to-face sales
calls and lots of other nonsense.

There are NO EXCUSES, people. There are only

  • The number one reason why some folks
    sales are down is because they are NOT hustling. 
  • The number one reason why some people’s
    businesses are doing well is because they ARE hustling. 

It comes down to HUSTLE. 

If your customers are closed…HUSTLE and find new

If your customers are open but not buying your same
old products… HUSTLE and sell them products they are buying.

If you feel a little paralyzed by the uncertainty…
HUSTLE and find a network that will encourage you.

If you feel terrible about what you are seeing in
the news…turn off the news and start HUSTLING.

Even if sales are off 70% (which I don’t believe)
that still means businesses are buying $10 billion of promo and $50 billion of
printing. That’s over $60 billion dollars in annual sales happening RIGHT NOW.
If you aren’t getting your share of these $60 billion in sales…stop having
excuses and start HUSTLING.

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