Oct 2017

Your Videos Suck.

This isn’t click bait. You heard right. Your videos suck. Why, you ask? Because you told me everything I needed to know in the first 15 seconds. This may be brutal, but for a large majority of the content creators that are reading this right now, it rings 100% true. Sometimes I don’t even need… Read More


Oct 2017


Back in the days of building my own distributorship, I worked hard to secure an appointment with a large prospect in town. It took almost two years of diligent calling and following up, but I finally got an initial appointment. I was very excited about the opportunity. I did a great deal of work to… Read More


Oct 2017

Response: The 15 Minute Technique

Last month, I was flattered to see that my coworker Sarah had mentioned me in her blog post addressing the “15 Minute Technique,” wherein a person devotes several small blocks of just 15 minutes a day to focus on big-picture projects and initiatives. This had originally come up as part of a conversation over lunch… Read More


Oct 2017

10 Onboarding Best Practices

Welcoming a new team member into your organization is critical. Follow these 10 best practices to improve the onboarding process to make your new hire’s onboarding experience smooth, welcoming and productive. Put Yourself In Their Shoes: Pretend you are new and think about what you would expect or like to happen on your first day… Read More


Oct 2017

What I Learned about Gift Giving From Rollerblade Barbie

My most memorable Christmas was when I was seven years old. I woke up before sunrise and begged to open my gifts. I don’t remember every gift I opened that day, but I will always remember Rollerblade Barbie. This Barbie’s rollerblades made actual sparks when you ran them over the ground. To this day, I… Read More


Oct 2017

Why Instagram is Selling Ads like Hot Cakes

Instagram is an online photo-sharing app that lets you share your life through photos with friends. I use the app to snap and post random photos throughout my day. I also use it to look at fashion and design inspiration from brands and personalities that I follow. Scrolling through my Instagram feed has become an… Read More


Oct 2017

Holiday Gift Planning In Full Swing

Yes, I know it is only October. And while I do enjoy a pumpkin spice latte just as much as the next, I have no shame in my game when I opt for the hot coco instead!   When it comes to the holidays, I am a firm believer in giving not only your clients,… Read More


Oct 2017

Tax Breaks for Homeowners

There are a number of tax breaks that homeowners can take advantage of. The list includes mortgage interest, points, energy credits, and property taxes, among many other things. The reason for a lot of these tax breaks is to try and increase the homeownership rate in the U.S. People are not purchasing homes for several… Read More


Oct 2017

Stop Apologizing

I am a fan of two words. I repeat them often, in the office and to strangers. “I’m sorry,” is essentially an admission of guilt. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings,” “I’m sorry I bumped into you,” but why have I decided to always place blame on myself? I have begun to utter it constantly,… Read More


Oct 2017

What Millennials Want – Trending Swag

Who are millennial customers? And what do they really want? Businesses everywhere have posed this question and brainstormed about it at nauseam, as the millennial customer continues to dictate trends and spending habits. According to Accenture, the roughly 80 million millennials in the U.S. spend approximately $600 billion on shopping. Doesn’t that seem like a number your… Read More