May 2017

Cash Basis vs. Accrual Basis Accounting

There are typically two methods companies use to account for transactions, known as the cash basis and the accrual basis methods of accounting. The main difference between these methods of accounting is when revenue and expenses are recognized by a company. Cash Basis: A company that uses the cash basis of accounting recognizes revenue as… Read More


May 2017

Remember What’s Important

We all strive to be important, to create meaning in our daily life, career, at home and with our friends. In every aspect of life different characteristics or responsibilities can be considered “important” but who defines which qualities are important and which are not? In a company every position is imperative for success. Although it’s… Read More


May 2017

Stop Trying to be Successful

We are all aiming for success. Success in our business. Success in our lives. One of the keys to accomplishing success is our commitment and the language we use. Some people have a low commitment to success, and it’s apparent in their language. For example, sometimes people will tell me that they are going to… Read More


May 2017

Rethink your Focus to Win During Market Downturns

Are you following the unseen leads to grow your business relationships? We all may have a niche market or specialty when it comes to our business or career track, however it doesn’t mean it will always survive during a market downturn. It’s important to watch market trends that may impact your business, whether it’s staying… Read More


May 2017

Boost Productivity with Promo

In today’s fast-paced, double-duty world, it seems like everyone is trying to do more with less time in all facets of their lives. To help your staff, customers, clients and partners become as productive as possible, consider a promotional product that helps them be more efficient and effective while driving your brand visibility. The feelings… Read More


May 2017

Questions To Ask On a New-Hire Survey

My last blog focused on three reasons to implement a new-hire survey. Here are some potential questions that will allow you to get the most valuable feedback from those new-hires. Background: Name Hire Date Job Title Job Description: Describe in your own words the three most important things you do in your job. Do you feel… Read More


May 2017

How Subliminal Communication Techniques Influence Your Buying Habits

It’s been said that actions speak louder than words, and this proves to be true in a number of situations. This is why subliminal communication is so important. In everything from marketing to conversations, the implied message is often more important that what is actually being said. Here are some ways that you can decode… Read More


May 2017

Crisis Management in Social Media: Identifying a Crisis

In today’s hyper-vigilant world of citizen journalists, it is more important than ever to have a full understanding of the power of social media and the public’s ability to use and control it. Although this power can be used for good, that same power can also turn on companies in an instant. Although understanding how… Read More