Jun 2020

Moving Up During Downtime

For many folks I have spoken with, COVID-19 has drastically changed not only their current situation but also their opportunities for the future.

If you find yourself in a situation that may have a significant impact on your future, let me encourage you to spend some of your downtime to research your options to move up your future success.

Some companies have already shuttered or filed for bankruptcy. Surely many more will follow. Some companies that survive may be seriously challenged by declining sales, liquidity issues and staff reductions. I recently spoke with a great industry professional with a long history of success who was crying on the phone because he was concerned that he may lose his home and the lifestyle he built for his family.

In my point of view, there are two key activities in which industry professionals should be engaged:

1. Hustling (see my prior blog)

2. Evaluating your current situation and future

This is not time to accept the status quo or to wait for things to “return to normal.” This is your time to seriously evaluate your current situation and future.

Perhaps it’s time for you to use some of your downtime to move up your future.

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