May 2020

It’s Time for Sustainability

Sustainability has never been more important for companies than right now. Customers are hyper-aware of the products they buy and are always looking to partner with brands that contribute something positive to our world. According to a study done by BusinessWire, “83% of consumers believe it’s important or extremely important for companies to design products that are meant to be reused or recycled.”

But for these hyper-aware consumers, it’s not enough to simply say that your brand is “green” or “sustainable.” They want brands that walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Luckily, it’s never been easier for your marketing strategy to fall in line with sustainability efforts. Here are three different types of sustainable promotional products that will have customers enthusiastic about your brand.


At the top of the sustainability movement are products that can be used over and over again. Reusable straws, for example, are so popular that they were even named the 2019 Promo Item of the Year.


Upcycling is taking existing things that you’d otherwise toss, and creating something useful out of it. Products like this journal are made from apple pulp and other organic materials that are usually discarded.


We all know about recycling, but what you may not know is how many promotional products, like this tote bag made of recycled plastic, are out there. Keep an eye out for items like this, so you can add them to your marketing strategy.

While customers are looking towards reusable, upcycled and recycled products, not all are made the same. Use these three tips to find the perfect eco-friendly product for your brand.

1. Is it something your consumer wants?

Just because something’s sustainable, doesn’t mean all your customers will appreciate it. The most environmentally-conscious consumer probably won’t keep a promotional wine bag if they don’t drink wine, even if it’s made of recycled material.

2. Do your research

products aren’t just limited to reusable bags and straws. Clothing, tech items
and recognition plaques can all be made from recycled and biodegradable materials. 

3. Is it within your budget?

While recycled products have a reputation of being expensive, that’s actually a myth. As more and more companies join the eco-friendly movement, sustainable products are becoming cheaper and cheaper. That being said, there are now a wide variety of eco-friendly products for every budget.

Here are three eco-friendly products that your customers will love.

If you’re interested in bringing any of these sustainable promotional products into your marketing strategy, get in touch! Your local Proforma expert will be more than happy to help you find the right promotional product for your business.

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