May 2020

Re-Ignite Your Joy

Let’s face it, most folks have experienced some very
tough times in their business and in their life over the last couple of months.

Many have come face to face with some great loss –
loss of sales, loss of income and loss of strategies that worked for years,
even decades.

Great loss creates grief and most people experience
grief in 7 different stages:

  1. Shock – Initial paralysis at hearing the bad
  2. Denial – Trying to avoid the inevitable
  3. Anger – Frustrated outpouring of bottled-up
  4. Bargaining – Seeking in vain for a way out
  5. Depression – Final realization of the inevitable
  6. Testing – Seeking realistic solutions
  7. Acceptance – Finally finding your way forward

My guess is that many of you experienced some of the
above stages of grief. It’s ok. It’s natural.

Let me strongly encourage you to not get stuck in stages 1 – 5. The fact is that whatever was “normal” for you in your business is likely not going to return any time soon, if ever. The key to dealing with the stages of grief is to NOT GET STUCK. No matter where you are in dealing with your grief, it’s time to get to stages 6 and 7.

It’s time to test realistic solutions that work for

It’s time to find your way forward.

Going back is not an option. Staying stuck is not a

It is
only in moving forward that you will once again find your way. Renew your passion.
Re-ignite your joy.

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