Jul 2016

Your Wish is Your Brain’s Command

In my last article, I wrote about the first of three principles for using visualization to drive success and activate the creative powers of your subconscious mind.

The second principle of visualization is that it focuses your brain to help you recognize, and even marshal, resources that may have been available to you all along but were previously overlooked.

As previously discussed, our brain can be our genie. Our wish is our brain’s command.

The fact is that during our waking hours, our brains are dealing with an estimated 8 million bits of information. Our brains filter out the information it is not aware we need. When we practice using visualization we help program our brain to reset its filters, and it helps us find information that could be helpful to us in accomplishing what we visualize.

Further, our brains can drive our bodies to more easily accomplish our visualizations. Bishop’s University in Quebec did a study to determine the effects of visualization. They measured the physical strength gains of three different groups. The first group did nothing other than their usual routine. The second group was put through two weeks of highly focused strength training. The third group did not work out, but listened to guided audio sessions visualizing the same workout.

The control group who did nothing saw no gains in strength. The exercise group, who trained three times a week, saw a 28% gain in strength. No big surprise there. But, the group who did not exercise, but rather just visualized exercising, experienced nearly the same gains in strength as the exercise group (24%). Amazing.

What do you want to accomplish? In your business? In your life? In your health? Let me encourage you to practice visualization. Your brain is truly far more powerful than perhaps you are aware. Your brain can truly be your genie. Your wish is its command.

Most of the law of attraction is about your brain and the impact it can have on both your outer and inner world.

Next time, we will talk about how visualization magnetizes and attracts the people, resources and opportunities you need to achieve your goal.