Jul 2016

Utilizing the Back to School Season for your Business


Image courtesy of unsplash.com

Education is a priority in today’s society and encouraging the ABC’s and 123’s will help the next generation and your business grow. You can take advantage of this busy season by donating your time and resources throughout the community.

Start the school year off right with fresh and fun marketing ideas that make a statement throughout the year. Creative and trending promotional items branded with custom logos are perfect for the classroom and exposing your business in a very positive light. Outside of the school yard, supporting events and organizations such as parent and teacher appreciation, school organizations, alumni, administration, and athletic events is a sure fire way to promote your business and get noticed in the community. Think about donating supplies such as writing instruments, sturdy backpacks and hard-cover notebooks that are just some of the many essential items needed for success in the classroom.

The educational industry holds events throughout the year in and out of the schoolyard, but now is prime time to use back-to-school promotional items for giveaways, sporting events, sponsorships, contests and more. Items like banners, stationary, journals, note pads, backpacks, flags, gym bags, buttons, bumper stickers, apparel, fundraising, drinkware and more will provide the WOW factor to any event. The possibilities are endless!

Back-to-school season is a great opportunity to increase visibility for schools, colleges and universities, but other businesses and industries can benefit by including a back-to-school theme in their marketing efforts. Businesses including banks, restaurants, automobile dealerships, fitness studios, fundraising groups, and more can profit from timely promotions of their services.

The younger generation is the future and your assistance in promoting the importance of education is much needed. Show thanks and gratitude to all education professionals in and out of the classroom. Sponsor an elementary school, provide the tools for a trade school in the area or partner with your local university to build morale and attendance. All of these ideas will not only boost your business in the community but provide support to the education industry so greatly required in today’s world.