Sep 2016

Trending Threads: Promote Your Brand with Apparel

Personal expression comes in many forms: art, music, clothing, etc. From hats and jackets to shirts and uniforms, these items provide a way for your clients to express themselves while marketing your company. Wearables as a whole maintain a very high advertiser awareness rate. Look to the popular styles in apparel for your next promotion and watch how these trending threads can effectively promote your brand to consumers of all ages and interests.

 One great example is the rise in urban clothing lines that are trending throughout the apparel industry. People’s lives are becoming more transient, travel has become easier and more efficient, and technology has made everything and everyone more accessible. We are seeing a cultural movement within our professional relationships where people are connecting on a casual and personal level more often. Professionals want to be comfortable yet well-dressed and these new lines of apparel make that easier.

Take your business to the next level with unique and quality apparel items to help you achieve your goals and shape your business immeasurably.  Check out these amazing stats on how wearables impact your customers:

  • Wearables are the most influential promotional product for consumers between the ages of 18 and 44. *Counselor, 2016
  • More than 50% of consumers across all age groups own a branded T-shirt. *ASI, 2016
  • Promotional outerwear is kept for a variety of reasons. 79% of consumers say it’s useful, 53% say it’s attractive and 49% say it’s simply enjoyable to have. *ASI, 2016
  • Out of the Top 5 products to influence a consumer positively, apparel – shirts and hats – was ranked twice. *ASI, 2016
  • When asked what types of advertising they liked best, consumers preferred apparel in every age group under 55. *ASI, 2016
  • 85% of consumers recalled the advertiser that gave them a shirt or hat. *ASI, 2016
  • Promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising. *ASI, 2016

Whether it’s the baseball cap worn while winning a big game at the corporate picnic or the race sweatshirt from a seemingly impossible triathlon—these are the moments that people will remember. In that moment, they defied the norm and transcended into exceptional brands, and those feelings live on each time these items are worn.

Take advantage of the countless ways to promote your brand using apparel.

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