Oct 2016

Are Your Print & Promotional Programs Bringing Value?

Did you know that your print and promotional products can do more than just fill a need? Rather than simply calling in your next order of business cards or sourcing water bottles for your spring trade show, consider some of these possibilities to start adding value through your print and promotional programs:

1. Automating processes significantly reduces operating expenses.

Think about the time and talent your company wastes on administrative tasks that could easily be funneled through an online purchasing platform. Some of our large clients were setting aside as much as a week every month for three to four employees to process and reconcile invoices. Now, thanks to their web-based company stores, employees are able to focus that attention on more critical activities for the organization.

For large companies with thousands of end users purchasing merchandise, Proforma has established custom electronic payment solutions. Depending on the frequency of orders, organizations can save up to $3,000,000 annually in invoice processing costs through this approach.

2. Engaging end users boosts business.

It’s an easy out: You have an event next month so decide to order some pens or stress balls then check off the “giveaway” box on your to-do list. Promotions and end-user engagement have evolved so much in the past few years, it simply isn’t enough anymore to order some “SWAG” and hope for the best. Instead, companies are developing relationships with current and potential customers via mobile apps and social media – and often incorporating well-placed promotional items into campaigns to drive this engagement.

These efforts can exceed expectations when your original audience recruits new followers to the fold via word-of-mouth (or keyboard) recommendations.

According to Nielsen’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising report:

“The most credible advertising comes straight from the people we know and trust. More than eight-in-10 global respondents (83%) say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of friends and family. But trust isn’t confined only to those in our inner circle. In fact, two-thirds (66%) say they trust consumer opinions posted online – the third-most-trusted format.” Source: Nielson Global Trust in Advertising Survey, September 2015

For an example of user-generated content in action, see: Transform Consumers into Storytellers and Brand Ambassadors with User Generated Content

3. Streamlining supplier relationships helps control and leverage spend.

One of the biggest challenges we hear from large clients during the “discovery” phase of an opportunity is:

“I have no idea how much we spend on our print and promotions. We have so many people and so many locations all doing their own thing, it’s impossible to track.”

Yikes. That’s hard-earned money being sucked away from your bottom line!

What if you could track that spend to:

  • See which products are popular?
  • Which products you should probably eliminate?
  • Reduce waste?
  • Leverage bigger purchasing power?

Order reporting has helped our clients narrow their product offering, eliminate large amounts of inventory and better customize their marketing material to suit end-user preferences.

4. Your brand deserves better.

You probably paid an agency or relied on a talented internal team to develop the look, feel and overall personality of your brand. It was likely a long process, during which you dotted every “i” and crossed every “t.”

So why would you trust it with just anyone? Establishing close, centralized partnerships ensures your suppliers will protect your artwork, logos and branding. Because they know your brand and take care of it like it’s their own.

Some products in the world are considered commodities, but don’t make that assumption with your print and promotions. If you play your cards right, these services can actually drive revenue, increase engagement and create significant operational savings.