May 2019

The Golden Rule of Successful Social Selling

I’ve been teaching LinkedIn sales and marketing techniques and methodologies (and overall social sales strategies) for nearly 10 years now. I’ll be so obvious to state that a lot has changed during this time, but perhaps more importantly, even more has stayed the same. I recently got an email with questions from one of the Sales Reps that I coach, asking a few vital questions.

The questions read as follows:

  1. Is there any way to keep possible competitors from stealing/directly contacting my prospects and customers by
    looking through my LinkedIn connections?
  2. If not, are there any stop gaps to prevent anybody from simply stealing contacts?
  3. Are there things we can do to prevent this?

As I read the questions, they made sense and I knew exactly what was being asked. But I realized, in this instance, that some of the folks
applying these strategies are missing the primary and focal point of all LinkedIn interactions – relationship building.

Relationship Building is the Key to Social Selling

Now, this is not to be critical of the person who sent this to me but to address the broader issue of losing big-picture focus when we’re engaging others through the social selling process.

As I typed out my response, it came out very direct, perhaps even blunt. I looked at it, I gave it much more thought and finally decided
that it was important that I addressed this excellent set of questions very sincerely. Below is my response:

Tricky question, but I’ll answer it very directly – yes, there is something that is the answer you’re looking for – it is a strong relationship. Seriously, that’s about it. Anyone can access any information (contact’s name, title, email, etc.) in today’s world. Relationships are the only thing AND the most powerful thing.

Nurture them, get to know your contacts, give to them, pay it forward and that becomes your ultimate protection.

In this world of whiz-bang technology and information overload, no one is at a loss for information. Assume that all of your competition has access to all of the names and all the contacts, all the email addresses of all of your customers and prospects. How do you protect against that?

As I stated in my response, it’s all about the relationships that we develop, nurture and foster. When you know more about your prospects and customers, when you serve them more actively and more thoughtfully and provide them with value – such as helpful resources, information, great ideas, insights, even entertainment or perhaps a few laughs, you’re going the extra mile, and that will not go unnoticed.

The name of the game is still know, like and trust.

That has not changed and probably never will. He who cares most wins.

Be Sure to Protect Your Contacts

So the next time you send out an InMail, an email, a connection request or comment on someone’s post, be sure to remember there’s an
actual, living and breathing, human being on the other side of the glowing screen. People remember how you make them feel. … Now you know the secret to protecting your contacts.

Tony Zayas

Tony Zayas is an award-winning digital marketer and strategist. As Director of Sales & Manager, Tony coaches Proforma Owners and Sales Associates on prospecting, client acquisition and other growth strategies, in addition to leading Proforma’s digital marketing initiatives.

A graduate of the University of Iowa, Tony joined Proforma in 2011 and brings over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. In 2013 Zayas was named as an inaugural winner of Smart Business Magazine’s 2013 Social Media Impact Awards for the Large Companies category. The award recognizes marketing executives that took that leap of faith into the unknown world of social media and in doing so, drove substantial value for their companies.

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