Dec 2016

The Benefits of Note-Taking

Taking notes. I absolutely dreaded it in college. I would be the student who was relieved that the professor gave you the option to print off the PowerPoint slides. But today I sing a different tune. Since I now work in an assistant position, I’ve learned that note taking is critical. A lot of my daily tasks come from these notes. Reminders I need to set, meetings that need to be scheduled, concerns that need to be addressed, the list can go on.  So the first thing I grab before entering a meeting is my notebook. I’m already on my 3rd one, and the pile will continue. So what are the benefits of note-taking?

Note-taking helps your mind absorb all that is being said. By writing things down, it forces your brain to not only listen to what is being said, but remember it much longer. Writing notes connects what you’re hearing to what you’re remembering. Note-taking is especially handy if you’re dealing with a topic you’re unfamiliar with. The notes become a cheat sheet you can revisit should you have any lingering questions.

Notes are personal. The way you take notes, should make sense to you. If you have to doodle pictures, diagrams, or bullet points, do it. Everyone’s brains work differently and you want to make sure you’re writing down things that will benefit you.

Lastly, the best thing about note taking is that it can apply to a variety of positions and roles in a company. No one is all-knowing and no one can remember everything that has been said. Especially with the busy schedules most people face day-to-day. How many times do you try to recall what was mentioned in a meeting or something a co-worker said but you can’t seem to remember? We’re humans, we’re going to forget. So take notes now to save yourself some trouble later.

So whether you’re on a call, face-to-face or in a meeting, take the note book. You’ll thank yourself later!