Aug 2016

3 Types of Business Plans. Which Do You Have?

All business owners and sales reps know they should have a plan. Right?

We’ve all hear the saying, “If we fail to plan, then we are planning to fail.” Right?

There are three types of business plans and in my next three articles I will address the three types.

The first and most common type of plan is really no written plan at all. Most people, despite knowing that they need a plan, don’t have any real written plan. Most folks basically wake up and repeat yesterday. They live their life in a reactive mode. Reacting to requests from customers and prospects. Reacting to incoming emails. Reacting to whatever else may be creating distractions in their life.

Basically, in this mode, these folks let other people create their plan. If you think about it, when people let distractions from others control their day, they yield control of their life to others.

Without a written plan, the best most people can hope for is that tomorrow is as good as yesterday. FYI, a to-do list is NOT a plan. A to-do list is a random list of things that people think they need to do, some of which they wouldn’t do at all, IF THEY HAD A REAL PLAN.

Unfortunately, this first type of plan, or better called NO PLAN, is how most people conduct their business and their lives. I know. I’ve had the unique privilege of speaking personally, in depth with over 10,000 distributors and sales reps in our industry. Easily over 90% of these folks had NO REAL PLAN. Unbelievable, right?

Hmm… maybe not. My guess is that 90% of the people reading this DO NOT HAVE A PLAN. I mean a written plan for their business. A written plan for their life. A real written vision for their business and life.

If you currently are one of the 90% without a written plan… stay tuned. After my next two articles describing the other two types of plans, I will discuss how to create a great plan to build an amazing business and life.

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