Sep 2019

Why Marketing Won’t Give way to Automation

Around this time three weeks ago, I was eagerly standing in line with my boxed lunch waiting for the next session to start on the first day of the Content Marketing World conference. To kill time, I began inspecting my name badge hanging around my neck, examining the sticker that is somehow capable of tracking my every move and sharing my contact information with anyone who has the proper scanning app. I stopped myself to have a deep reflection (about 14-seconds worth) about how far technology has come… I mean, the paper around my neck now eliminates the need to gather business cards or manually mark attendance!

…And that’s when I finally made it to the front of the line, only
to learn that the session I had been anxiously waiting for was now full. With less
than a minute until our sessions were set to begin, I ran to the room next door
and took a seat. There it was on the screen: A Machine Can’t Do Marketing.

Well, you’re right. Or at least I hope so, considering I just
graduated with a degree in Marketing. But this was certainly a concern I had
heard about from others and even thought about myself when I first noticed the
increase in self-checkouts at my local grocery store.

So, it’s a valid question. As our technology gets smarter,
how do we ensure it doesn’t outsmart us? According to guest speaker Tameka Vasquez, the
answer is simple.

are most efficient to manage high volume and routine.

have mastered the art of inventiveness, expertise and creativity
– all of
which require uniquely human traits that machines will never be able to

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Collaboration
  • Persuasion
  • Big-Picture Thinking
  • Leadership

I dug a bit deeper after the session and found a recent
report by HubSpot, where Mike
Lieberman explains that machines can be the ally to marketers who choose to use
it for high-level situations like personalizing content for prospects or
automating your email distribution. Kate O’Neill adds, “A computer may assist
you in performing efficiently, but for now, you’re the one who adds the
expertise on how to perform appropriately.”

When it
comes to presenting an RFP to a client, attending those introductory meetings
with prospects or simply promoting your brand, a machine just won’t cut it.
Only you will be able to assess the client’s needs, come up with a creative
solution, lead your team in execution and ultimately build the relationship
that closes the deal.

At the end of the day, a machine may be able to accelerate
your funnels, leverage enormous amounts of data or even just scan a name badge,
but a machine will never be human
and that is the most valuable thing a marketer can be.

Learn more about how Proforma’s technology and sales automation campaigns can be
your ally, giving you more time to devote to doing what you do best.

Nikki McNeeley
Nikki McNeeley joined Proforma in June 2019 as the Public Relations Manager. She brings with her experience in copywriting and content creation for print, digital and social media platforms. Nikki graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and minors in Mass Communication Studies and Event Management.

In Nikki’s free time, she enjoys trying new fitness studios in Tampa, going to country concerts and cheering on her Alma Mater -Go Gators!

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