Aug 2016

What You See is What You Get

This article is the last in a three-part series about using visualization to achieve your goals.

Last time, I mentioned that during our waking hours we deal with approximately 8 million bits of information. Our brains filter out the information it’s not aware we need.

When we practice visualization by vividly picturing our goals, we reset our brain’s filter to help get us the information and inclinations we need to achieve these goals.

Your subconscious mind will become activated and focused on finding and creating solutions for you to achieve your goals. When you are actively practicing visualization, you will find yourself having ideas and inclinations that you haven’t had in the past. It’s best to keep a pad of paper with you to write down the ideas that will come to you on your way to sleep, in the middle of the night and when you awake.

Most likely you have experienced this before. Surely there was a time in your life that ideas came to you throughout the day and night. Most likely you were visualizing something and your brain was working hard to help you achieve your goal.

Your brain will also help motivate you. Through visualization, you may find yourself more easily doing the activities that will help you accomplish your goal.

The key to activating your brain’s ability to help you achieve your goals is that your visualizations must be a picture. The more specific the better. Your brain doesn’t respond to numbers the way it does pictures. So, if you want to achieve $1 million in income, it’s not useful to focus on the number. Rather, focus on what you will do with the million dollars. Whether it’s a new home on the beach, a new boat or even a large donation to a charitable organization, it’s critical to get a specific picture of the goal. As you vividly visualize the goal, you will activate your brain’s ability to get you the information and inclinations you need to make your dreams come true.


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