May 2017

Stop Trying to be Successful

We are all aiming for success. Success in our business. Success in our lives. One of the keys to accomplishing success is our commitment and the language we use. Some people have a low commitment to success, and it’s apparent in their language. For example, sometimes people will tell me that they are going to “try” to quit smoking. I know when someone tells me they are going to try to do something that most likely they will fail. In fact, they are planning to fail. Their language has prepared themselves and others for the possibility of failure.

If someone says they will try to stop smoking, and you see them a few months later and they are still smoking, they can say that they tried to quit but it didn’t work. The key is to not permit the possibility for failure in our minds or in our language.

If you plan to quit smoking, tell people that you are going to quit smoking, and tell them when you will do it. Don’t use the word “try,” because it has failure built into it.

If you plan to grow your success, tell people what you are going to do and tell them your deadline. Don’t use the word “try.” The key is your mindset and your language.

When you plan to achieve a goal follow these steps:

  1. Decide what your goal is and what your deadline will be to accomplish it.
  2. Be sure that failure is not an option in your mind or language.
  3. Tell others about your goal and deadline without the word “try.”
  4. Do it.

Stop trying to be successful.

Just be successful.


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