Nov 2016

Specialty Promotional Products Can Leave Lasting Impressions

I recently came across a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute that said Midwesterners own the most promotional products in the United States.  The chart showed products in each region representing the average number of promotional items owned by individuals ranging from eight to 11 products.  On the other hand, coming from my industry means I have accumulated hundreds of promotional items during my career. So although the graphic doesn’t capture my experience, I know a thing or two about promotional products.

When I think about all the conferences and workshops I’ve attended, ribbon cuttings I have executed and community education programs I’ve hosted as a marketing director, I have probably purchased at least a half dozen products for each event to ensure brand visibility and consistency.

The right branded items can make a major difference in creating a memorable and positive experience. Below are a few highlights of events and products that can keep your promotion alive.

Workshops or conferences – Ensure attendees receive everything they need to have an educational and worthwhile experience for their time away from the office.  The following items can get them through the day:

  • branded pen, a stylus pen, or combination piece
  • a journal book to take notes
  • a micro USB charging connector to stay powered during the event
  • a bag to carry all the promotional products and information they receive

Ribbon cuttings or dedications – Provide a memorable item for dignitaries and guests like:

  • a miniature shovel with the event dedication information
  • a branded mug with gold trim
  • a commemorative coffee table book that shows the project progress or the company’s development through the years

Community awareness programs – These events are a great outlet to share branded items and acknowledge attendees’ participation.  Continue to brand your organization and mission long after the event with the following:

  • branded t-shirts and caps worn to promote your business
  • activity or coloring books if children are in attendance
  • commemorative posters from the specifically designed event artwork

All these items will help your program continue to resonate, and you’ll know that you made a great investment.  Now, how to begin organizing all the branded items I have enjoyed and used over the years?  Anyone interested in helping me organize my accumulated goodies, just let me know – I’m sure I’ll find a few items that I may consider parting with.