Oct 2016

Rake Up New Business with the Right Touch Points

This time of year evokes many memories for most of us, from the start of a beautiful new season of outdoor color to cheering on of our favorite football team.  We can all feel the energy that surrounds us as we prepare for the bounty of the season and all the fun things we have planned, so why not take the necessary steps to reconnect with customers?  If you haven’t met with your customers lately, this may be a good time to impress them with the services and products your business offers.  Take the time now to turn over a new leaf and make a conscious effort to reach out to your current customers and those in your pipeline.

This is the time of year that most businesses can use additional help to prepare to launch into the new year and they have plenty on their plates like:

  • Reviewing their budgets – and they may even have money they need to spend before the year ends – which could be a win for your business
  • Scheduling tradeshow and conference participation
  • Planning for increased workloads due to holiday vacations and closings
  • Looking for ways to thank their employees and celebrate the year’s accomplishments

Whether you stop by their office with a cup of coffee and sweet treat, send them a calendar to thank them for their business, or email them to schedule lunch, they will certainly appreciate the intention of your act, and your business will be top of mind when they need any services you offer.  This could be a great time to also plan a new direct mail campaign or a social media blitz that promotes your business.

Let your customers know what you offer and show them how you can help alleviate their workload.  Your business can be the answer to help them through the crunch so that they can enjoy the season.  Most of us relish the excitement of fall whether it’s tailgating, dressing the young or old for Halloween, or preparing for the perfect Thanksgiving celebration.  Though we may be a little old to trick-or-treat, you can still show your customers what a sweet deal working with you can be, which is much more satisfying than a candy bar or pumpkin pie.