Jun 2019

Pick Promo Products with Millennials in Mind

Did you know that Millennials now make up the largest generation in the U.S. and Canadian labor force? According to Pew Research Center, more than 1 in 3 American workers are millennials. Similarly, the Canadian workforce comprises nearly 37 percent of people in the millennial age group as noted by Statistics Canada. And the good news is that millennials respond well to promo products!

Research conducted by PPAI found that 100% of millennials have received multiple promotional products in their lifetime, with 2 in 3 wearing or carrying a promotional product daily. That is a significant opportunity for a brand to directly influence the largest generation of consumers and the workforce. When choosing promotional products for your company, think like a millennial.

Ideas to Market to Millennials

Tech gadgets: The millennial generation grew up with tech. It is rare to see a younger person without their smartphone, Apple Watch, headphones or the like. For millennials, being connected is a way of life and offering tech gadgets to them as a promo product is a surefire way to garner a millennial’s attention. On-the-go phone chargers, wireless earbuds, portable speakers and smartphone stands/rings/pop
sockets are all very popular options and readily available for promo items. Call your local Proforma rep for great options on these tech gadgets.

Health and wellness products: Millennials tend to be in on the latest trends, and right now, that includes fitness, healthy eating and taking care of the mind and body. According to the 2019 Physical Activity Council’s Overview Report on US Participation, 75.6% of
millennials keep a healthy level to a low/med calorie level of activity. Capitalize on the fitness trends with branded water bottles, yoga mats, fitness trackers/pedometers, cooling towels and even sunglasses can fall into this category or the apparel category, which millennials love as well.

Apparel: While it may seem stale, believe it or not, but millennials actually love apparel, as long as it’s stylish. The one-size-fits-all boxy,
oversized T-shirt may not fly off your promo shelves but trendy lightweight hoodies, designer fanny packs, ladies’ tank tops, fitted baseball caps and fitted, soft, quality t-shirts will. And for your millennial employees, company-branded button-downs and polo shirts make getting dressed for work in the morning a breeze!

Promo Marketing is the Way to Go

While it may seem like a difficult generation to market to, especially if you are in a different generation, millennials truly respond to promotional products. According to PPAI, promotional marketing is the most effective advertising channel across all generations so it is really worth the investment.

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Melanie Klag

Melanie Klag joined Proforma in October 2018 as the Marketing Communications Specialist. With her, she brings a wide array of experience in copywriting, editing and content creation for print, digital and social media platforms across many different industries. Melanie graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a minor in popular culture (which comes in handy at trivia nights).

In her free time, Melanie enjoys spending time with her beloved (i.e. very spoiled!) dog, volunteering at her local animal shelter, and hanging out with family and friends.

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