Apr 2020

Pick One: A Math Problem. A Math Solution.

Let me encourage you to see the math solution, not the math problem.

I am hearing lots of news and talk about what percent of industry sales are down. Some are saying industry sales are down 70%. Others are saying industry sales are down even more.

If you listen to how much industry sales are
down….you have a math problem. The problem is that it can sound so
negative, so hopeless, so impossible. I know there are people who are feeling
that way. I see their posts on social media about how they are spending their
time putting together puzzles or binging on Netflix and waiting for things to
return to “normal.”

Let me encourage you to see the math solution, not the math problem.

The math solution is the flip side of the problem. If industry sales are down 70%, that means that 30% of industry sales are still happening. So, if you are primarily a promotional products distributor, that means you are in a $25 billion dollar industry. If a $25 billion dollar industry is down 70% that means that businesses are still buying 30% or $7.5 billion dollars a year. $7.5 billion is your solution.

$7.5 billion dollars a year is a lot of money. Let
me encourage you to see your solution in the 30% that are still buying. See
your solution in the $7.5 billion in sales that are still happening. Put away
that puzzle. Turn off your television. Pick up your phone and start finding
your share of the $7.5 billion.

(NOTE: Proforma and some other distributors are also in the printing and packaging industry, which is over $200 billion. I’ve written blogs in the past about getting your share of that market, too. Perhaps now is a good time to add printing and packaging to your product mix.)

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