Jul 2016

Motivate Employees with Awards and Incentives

A successful business isn’t just defined by sales. It encompasses all aspects of your company, including the happiness of your employees. Engaging employees to fulfill your company goals and meet performance objectives can be as easy as implementing an incentive program that recognizes team effort and outstanding results. Creating tiered incentives to attract and engage employees that not only say thank you, but also show sincere appreciation will give your team something to strive towards every day.

Recognition can range from sending a simple thank you note for an employee’s efforts to going above and beyond with giveaways and bonuses. Award your employees with some time off, gift cards or recognition awards. The gesture you are showing by saying ‘thank you’ through an incentive program can have more value than the actual gifts you give. Taking the time to recognize employees goes far beyond making people feel good. Employees want to feel that they are making solid contributions through consistent feedback, assurance and recognition. This creates a culture that motivates employees to deliver more, improve customer and team relations and consistently increase productivity.

By creating an incentive and rewards program in the workplace, both the employer and employee wins in the long run. Developing recognition programs for performance and productivity will increase employee morale, job satisfaction and participation in other company activities. This amounts to employers experiencing an increase in sales and productivity and an improvement in turnover costs. Launch your next employee program to reach major milestones for your company while reinforcing key business goals, and improving the work environment for employees. Here are a couple items to help you start brainstorming how to give your employees that well-deserved recognition:

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