Sep 2016

Make a Lasting Impression with the Almighty Calendar

As a sales and marketing professional, you are always promoting your business. Whether through print advertising, promotional giveaways, digital media and more, you’re constantly trying to get your brand exposed to as many potential customers as possible. Well look no further than what is probably tacked up in your office or on your coworker’s cubicle walls. It’s probably hanging on your refrigerator at home, too. This brand booster helps you get through the day, week and year, reminding you of those special events and important appointments. That’s right folks, it is the almighty Calendar!!

What better way to stay top-of-mind with your current clients and introduce yourself to potential customers than an annual calendar. When is the last time you actually bought a calendar for your home or office? It just magically shows up in the mail, right? Well be that business that provides those every day essential calendars with your company’s logo beautiful plastered throughout each and every month.

With dozens of options like large format-dry erase or spiral hanging calendars, these printed pieces will command wall or desk space and add some very visual appeal to your brand. Another perk of utilizing calendars in your marketing strategy is that they are remarkably cost-effective, while giving your brand year-long, high frequency visibility.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of these statistics surveyed from a global studies by two leading industry companies, PPAI* and ASI+.

  • 70% of Calendar Recipients plan to do business with the company that provided them the calendar*
  • 82% of all recipients enjoy getting a calendar as a complimentary gift.*
  • Nearly 50% of all businesses referred someone to the advertiser who provided a promotional calendar.*
  • The Printed Calendar ranks first in longevity, getting 12 months of use, among all other promotional products in the household.+