Feb 2019

Make a Lasting Impression By Following These Top 3 Tradeshow Trends

Tradeshows are a wonderful way to connect with your peers, trusted Supplier Partners and, most importantly, your audience. With a sea of booths, how do you stand out and leaving a lasting impression?

While creating a stunning booth is important, this year, consumers are looking for personal connections, cutting-edge information and comfort. Check out these top three tradeshow trends to provide your audience with an unforgettable experience!

Create an authentic, personal experience

Creating appropriate, targeted messaging is the foundation of good marketing, but in 2019, attendees are looking to make connections through interpersonal interactions. With so many of us attached to our devices, it is easy to forget how impactful human interaction is when making a meaningful impression and lasting relationship. To ensure your attendees make lifelong connections, staff your booth with conversational employees and executives. The inclusion of executives will demonstrate your company’s commitment, while providing opportunities for your attendees to meet with key decision-makers and influencers. Adding an interactive piece like a prize wheel or branded “selfie backdrop” provides an ice breaker allowing attendees to interact with the display and you!

Deliver unique, cutting-edge information

Tradeshows are the perfect occasion to rollout new products, technology or initiatives. Let your audience be on the ground floor of excellence when you share exclusive news. An ingenious way to make your mark, sharing new and exclusive information is a great way to stand out while providing your audience with an unforgettable experience. To make the most of out the occasion, provide the information in a meaningful way. This can be done through live demonstrations, offering custom samples or through an invite-only conference. Utilizing invite-only or exclusive offers shows the value you have for your attendees and provides great marketing buzz for your company.

Appeal to attendees’ needs with comfortable booths

To stay competitive, companies need to appeal to customers’ needs. With attendees on their feet all day, creating a relaxing and inviting space offers sanctuary for anyone who wanders inside. Use branded décor items like pillows, coasters, cups and refreshments to keep your attendees comfortable while providing them with an immersive experience. Creating a relaxing booth ensures your attendees that you care about their experience while offering you an opening to discuss your goals, initiatives and offerings. To guarantee your brand will make a lasting impression, offer a desirable branded item that they can take to go! Great takeaways are mints, water bottles, hand sanitizer, power banks or retractable charging cables.

Are you ready to up your game with these tradeshow trends?

Try these tradeshow trends to make a lasting impression in 2019! Get help with your tradeshow appearance and booth materials from your local Proforma representative.