Mar 2022


A quick glance of today’s industry headlines drove home why many suppliers are seeing such disruption and delays related to paper and envelopes. Here are just a few:

  • Transportation challenges disrupt supply timelines
  • Paper shortage roundtable held on Capitol Hill
  • Lumber prices are reaching record-breaking levels
  • European paper and board industry braced for post Ukraine invasion fallout
  • Prices for pulp imports poised to climb in China
  • US imports hit 15-year high

Adding to the complexity of the issue:  Increased demand. Online sales are expanding the amount of packaging products being used around the world. One of the many long-term results of Covid 19 is the increasing growth of hygiene products and the associated packaging. Include the increases from food packaging, anti-plastic sentiment and going green initiatives global production of pulp and paper will reach 490 million tons in 2022. 

The forecast is not all doom and gloom as supply chain issues and shortages are expected to begin trending normal sometime in the future (some projections are late 2023). After all, the current environment is simply not sustainable.

The Proforma Worldwide Support Center is in ongoing communications with suppliers, Owners and industry experts to stay on top of the rapidly changing dynamics of our industry. We are also doing our part with the recently rolled out Q2 Vendor Campaign:  Simply Sustainable. The campaign features products and practices that are currently available to our Owner group that have been thoughtfully created to make a difference in the support of our Planet.

Together we can navigate the challenges of the paper shortages so we can continue to provide the services for which we are known. And together we can make a difference for our Owners, Supplier Partners, Customers, Family and Friends for a more eco friendly planet.

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