Mar 2019

How to Maintain Positive Energy in the Workplace

Did you have yet another slow start this Monday morning? It happens to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop you from having a productive and energetic day once you arrive at the office. Here are a few tips on how to build and maintain positive energy throughout the day.

Chat at the Watercooler

Who else finds it hard to start the day without a cup of Joe? You’re likely not the only one of your co-workers who requires that jolt of caffeine to begin the day. Take a few minutes in the morning to socialize with your co-workers, chat about your weekends, recount yesterday’s strategy meeting, etc. Whatever it may be, make sure you take the time to say hello and put a smile on someone else’s face. A quick watercooler conversation to get the day going could help boost your positive energy and set the stage for a day of happiness and productivity.

Exposure to Natural Light Boosts Positive Energy

Sitting in a small, dark room for hours at a time can begin to feel stuffy when you’re sitting close to your co-workers. All you can think about is getting yourself outside. Sunshine encourages a positive mindset for yourself and those around you. If possible, take short breaks outside to get a boost of vitamin D. If it’s too cold outside, make sure to open the blinds and allow plenty of natural light to enter your workspace.

Declutter Your Space

The minute I sat down to begin my first official day at Proforma, I knew I needed to make that space mine. It’s essential for the place where you spend the majority of your day to feel as comfortable as possible. If there are piles of paperwork at your desk, don’t expect to find that single sheet of paper on the fly when necessary. You will have more positive energy when your workspace is organized and clean. Not to mention, you won’t feel as though you’re carrying 50 pounds of (paper) weight on your shoulders.

Play Music to Better Your Mood

Though some people can’t comfortably find themselves multitasking on projects while listening to music, our department sees it as a core motivator. Whether you’re looking for a high or low tempo, music offers a great variety of melodies and beats to energize your team. Music helps to keep you invested and interested. Uplifting background noise can help boost endorphins to keep you going throughout the day.

Take a Quick Walk

Hitting a wall during the workday is sometimes inevitable. Take a break. Step outside. Find your happy place where you’re able to gather your thoughts and indulge in a much needed stretch break. Like most office environments, deadlines are always approaching and the tensions may be running high. But the minute you give yourself a break, your fresh mind will help get you back to business.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Positive Energy?

Now that you are armed with tips to keep yourself energized and productive at your workplace, implement them! Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed or stressed out at the office. It happens, but when you know how to deal with it and turn it into positive energy, it is the best result for your health and for everyone around you!