May 2016

Hole in One Branded Golf Giveaways

Golf is a quintessential way to establish and solidify business relationships, and this strategy-laden sport offers compelling marketing opportunities in kind. Don’t just hit the green to socialize with prospects and customers with the mere hope of making headway, integrate branded golf giveaways into the mix to better ensure the guileful golf outing is a hole in one.

Genius Golf Giveaways

  • Apparel: Because golf has its own set of required apparel, clothing and accessories prominently displaying your company’s logo is a given. From golf shirts, to hats and visors, to shoes, gloves and ponchos, fashion is a fitting way to make your logo visible on the links.
  • Balls and bags: One can never have enough balls when playing golf. Even if a client loses a ball, this may be an opportunity where another potential client discovers it… and your company! Golf bags are also a great billboard that widely visible on the course for hours on end, as well as perched in front of the nineteenth hole – a.k.a. the club house!
  • Clubs and head covers: Golf clubs are a significant investment, so why not treat those top clients or prospects to a key club like a driver or putter, a full set of clubs, or even just head covers brandishing your business identity? They will know with certainty how important their business is to you and how appreciative you are in return.
  • Gear and gadgets: From divots, towels, and tees to umbrellas, putting kits and golf tools, there is a spectacular selection of practical and affordable branded golf gear that golfers of all levels are need and desire.

When to Use Branded Golf Giveaways

Gifting logoed golf gear doesn’t have to just be part of a corporate golf tournament. Consider these other opportune moments to spread the golf-related cheer:

  • Holiday season: December holidays are a perfect time to give branded golf gear to clients as a thank you for their business throughout the year.
  • Client birthdays: If you have specific clients who love golf, send them a special customized gift that shows you have taken the time to get to know their interests… and their special day.
  • Auctions and fundraisers: Entering promotional golf merchandise in charitable auctions and fundraisers gets your brand message out there while showing you care about social issues at large.
  • Social media marketing: Providing incentives in the form of logoed golf gear as part of a social networking contest or survey entices your followers to participate. In exchange for giving high-demand golf items, you get some great intelligence and feedback.

Takeaways on Golf Giveaways

You’ll drive business right down the line when utilizing branded golf giveaways:

  • There is a wide range of golf merchandise available for branding opportunities to suit any kind of budget, campaign, or giveaway situation.
  • Use the golf giveaways to send brand messages about social responsibility, personalized service, and interest in customer feedback.
  • Leverage multiple channels for your company-branded golf gear giveaway.

Source: Leading Logo Golf Gear – Hole in One Branded Golf Giveaways