Nov 2016

Have You Thanked Your Contacts Recently?

As we prepare to enter the final month of 2016 and give our thanks this Thursday, it’s time to ask yourself, have you thanked your contacts recently? Whether a business associate went out of his or her way to make a project run smoothly, you’d like to wish your best customers happy holidays or thank your employees for giving it their all throughout the year, holiday gifts are a great way to say “thank you” and “I appreciate you,” while fostering a lasting relationship with the recipient. Here are a few benefits to giving a gift this holiday season.

  1. Stay top-of-mind. When someone receives a gift, they’re much more likely to remember your name over someone who didn’t do anything. Keep your brand in front of customers and business associates to stay top-of-mind all year long.
  2. Create a lasting bond. By giving a gift, you create a connection with the recipient. It’ll not only give them a reason to reach out to you, but having something to talk about at your next meeting or event will help break the ice.
  3. Make someone’s day. Although the holidays are supposed to be filled with the fondest of memories shared with friends and family, we’re all guilty of working a little more than we’d like to admit. Make someone’s day by sending them a holiday gift to show your appreciation.
  4. Stand out from the rest. During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, your plan to send gifts may get pushed to the wayside. Don’t let the opportunity to connect pass you by. Sending a gift to your business contacts allows you to stand out from the rest; bonus points if you can provide a unique gift the recipient will find truly useful.

Spreading cheer with gifts during the holiday season doesn’t have to be a difficult task. If you’re crunched for time, keep it simple. A gift card for coffee or a jar of someone’s favorite candy doesn’t require much time and effort, but still shows you care. You’d be surprised how much a simple token of appreciation will mean to the recipient.