Aug 2017

Getting the Most out of the Fidget Spinner Craze

The train, the park, the car wash, the library—it seems like everywhere you go lately, there are fidget toys for miles. News outlets are reporting that fidget toys can ease stress, promote productivity and improve memory. Even Forbes ranked the fidget spinner as the No. 1 office toy for 2017. And, a product called the Fidget Cube raised $6.4 million on Kickstarter.

The fidget spinner’s success can be attributed to its simple-to-use application, and its endlessly entertaining potential. Instead of standing around and waiting for class to start, or the bus to board, or the dentist to see you, consumers can spend a few minutes channeling different areas of their brains. It’s a “bored” game everyone can get behind!

If you’re wondering if a fidget spinner would make a good giveaway for your clients, the answer is probably yes. Here are some additional ideas where fidget spinners make great sense.

Cycling Studios
Cycling studios are a natural extension of the fidget spinner because they have one thing in common: spinning. Branded fidget spinners remind patrons of class offerings, so the studios will see class sign-ups spike.

Summer Camps
A surefire way for a summer camp to stand out and get attention is to use fidget spinners as a giveaway for prospective campers. This will help them keep their name in front of the audience that matters most—the kids. A reunion is another perfect opportunity for a camp to hand out fidget spinners as a means to generate goodwill with returning campers and reward them with the season’s hottest toy.

Trade Shows
While everyone loves free pens and tote bags, fidget spinners are unique products that can grab trade how attendees’ attention from a distance. Many people laud the items as diversions for children, but adults also have found them spellbinding. Their ubiquity is a foolproof reason for giving them away at trade shows, with booth traffic sure to soar. Booths with appealing signage and workers showcasing the spinning objects would certainly attract fixated onlookers as well.

A fidget spinner promotion is not a gamble thanks to its immense popularity. The odds are that casinos will hit the jackpot with spinners by teaming up with travel companies (i.e. airlines) to promote their slot machines and other casino games, by hawking them in gift shops and by distributing them to older adults to help them pass the time during bus charters to and from the casino.

Did you Know?

  • Marketers and consumers use social media, particularly YouTube videos, to fuel interest in products like the fidget spinner.
  • Fidget spinners are the fastest growing product online ever, with 2,000 percent growth over a three-month span, reaching $25 million in online sales, according to 1010data.

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