Mar 2019

Easy Design Tips to Refresh Your Brand This Spring

It’s always very clear when spring has finally arrived (and believe me when I say, it’s not because we’re lacking that white, fluffy snow!). Spring brings with it such bright, vibrant and energizing colors, new patterns and a wonderful sense of renewal. This is evident in so many avenues of marketing, no matter where you shop or visit, floral patterns and sunny prints span across our eyes, making us feel warm and alive again. Why not also get into the rhythm with this natural trend by taking the same initiative to refresh your brand, designs and/or overall business?

Taking what you currently have and giving it new life can be done in a few easy steps without having to start from the ground up. This will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on what really matters for your business. Below are a few easy design tips and tricks to follow in order to invigorate and revitalize your brand.

Refresh Your Brand - color

Color Palettes to Refresh Your Brand

Nothing is easier! Brightening up your color palette for the season is a great way to liven up your website or other branded materials. Darker complimentary color schemes are typically used for fall and winter months, but for spring and summer, you want to look at your analogous color schemes. The overall feel of these tones will produce an awakening effect for viewers. But if changing up your entire color palette seems scary or maybe interferes with your branding standards of already established colors, do not worry as there’s still an easy option to add some flair. This is where accent colors come in handy – just find a harmonizing vivid color that pairs well with your brand.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your palettes and schemes. Color makes an incredible impact on people’s first impression without them even noticing. If you do not know where to begin or need inspiration, I always recommend visiting one of my favorite websites, Adobe Kuler as they have example palettes already created by designers and also provides tools for creating your own!

Refresh Your Brand - patterned hello

Patterns and Textures to Catch the Eye

Tired of all those solid, colored blocks used in your materials? Chances are so is everyone else! Take another easy step to liven up those materials by using patterns or textures that match your new palette! Anything from bold florals, geometric shapes to the subtle texture of stone can really create a statement. Spring brings us many distinct patterns and textures to choose from, explore nature and the elements around you to help build your fresh look!

Refresh Your Brand - typography hello spring

Intrigue with Typography

The last touch I always experiment with for freshening up a look is the typefaces currently being used on materials. Easily over time, typefaces can make your pieces feel dull and outdated. I recommend going with lighter typefaces to produce a slimmer appearance and nice negative space for the viewer’s eyes to rest. Leave your heavy and bolded fonts for popping information in small areas. The light and airy fonts will contribute to the optimism and cheerfulness for your business that spring naturally brings.

Are You Ready to Refresh Your Brand?

With just a few easy switches, you can truly give your designs a whole new look for spring. Don’t do anything to jeopardize your brand recognition and identity, but it doesn’t hurt to warm things up with a bit of flair and color as the temperatures warm up.