Jun 2017

Don’t Hinder Your Reputation by Sitting Idle

Every now and then we are expected to work on projects without necessarily having the ability to question the process or provide input for a better method that may be more efficient. Depending on the situation and the client or co-worker you may be working with, we need to hold our ground and stick to what we believe is the best direction to take. Though we must compromise sometimes, it is always best to try to fully understand the objectives in case you have ideas for a better solution which will lead to a more positive outcome.

My thoughts for creating a smoother transition without always compromising include the following:

  • RESEARCH: No matter the business we are in, we must always communicate the need to have current or valid research to back our suggestions so we can validate our thoughts and make recommendations accordingly. Never take research for granted before developing or recommending solutions. There may be a reason that we are taking one approach over another and the research is key to fully strategizing and will help with project implementation. Research provides a two-way communication channel by collecting information from others rather than one-way, which is a simple dissemination of information, and it allows us to engage in further dialogue to understand others beliefs, values and priorities. This will also prevent us from wasting money on solutions that are not reaching the intended audiences or not meeting the goals or objectives. Research allows us to show results, measure impact, and refocus our efforts for a greater outcome.
  • LEARN THE ORGANIZATION: We need to take the time to learn and understand the company and industry we work with inside and out from the ground level, so when it comes time to dealing with a crisis or developing a new program to implement we know that we are using the appropriate communication tools to meet project objectives. Take the needed time for site visits when possible to meet with clients and as you walk around, ask questions and continue to learn. By understanding an organization and gaining field experience you will be able to offer more solid input and resolve project objectives on point.
  • SPEAK UP: As we continue to grow as individuals, have the courage to not be a ‛yes’ person, but rather state that you will follow through with the request, unless it is not in the best interest of the organization. Remember you are personally on the line for recommendations and though you may want to take the easy approach, it may not be in the best interest long-term and will surely backfire, either with a loss in business or lack of respect in the future. If others appreciate what you bring to the table and you advise them accordingly, it will benefit their reputation and they will rely on you to help them achieve great things.

So let’s remember to not always sit idle and compromise, but to work towards having valid research first, understanding the objectives and goals by learning the organization and voicing our opinion when it matters so that everyone wins in the end.