Apr 2016

Does Branded Merchandise Work for Fundraising?

Branded Merchandise: An Effective Medium to Create Awareness and Influence Behavior

Marketing professionals are given many choices to increase brand awareness and responsiveness including print advertising, digital advertising, TV, radio, social media content and event sponsorship(s). This essay explores the effectiveness of promotional products and branded merchandise as an alternative advertising medium. Consider the following:

  • 76.2% of recipients of logoed giveaways recall the product, advertiser and message from items received within the past two year period.
  • Of the recipients of promotional products who were surveyed 91% had at least one item in their kitchen, 74% in their work area and 55% in their bedroom closet or storage area.
  • 55% of those surveyed kept their logoed items for one year or longer.
  • Brand impressions are considerably higher for logoed merchandise than conventional advertising.

Not-for-profit case study

Heartland, a national parenting ministry, mails a $3-$5 item every year two months ahead of the December 31st year end giving deadline. It’s a coordinated and strategic activity which has proven to be a very effective part of their development campaign accomplishing several things:

  • Provides a tangible and useful reminder of the brand and business or ministry that will be seen throughout the year.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to ‘invest’ in donors.
  • Differentiates the brand from those competitors who only solicit using email or mail service.
  • Communicates dedication and commitment to the mission or enterprise.
  • Uses a touchpoint to move a candidate from prospective donor to committed donor.

Promotional products are an effective marketing tool. They complement more traditional forms of advertising by creating awareness for your brand and engendering good will with your donor base.

Source: Does Branded Merchandise Work For Fund Raising?