Jan 2019

Design Trends that are Building into 2019

At the beginning of every year, thousands of articles appear about the upcoming design trends destined to boom into our existence. Anything from fashion, technology, architecture, graphics and more, we’re pumped with what’s supposed to be our near future experiences. Some of these expected trends appear while others never seem to take flight, no matter how many publications or bloggers predicted it to be true. But with all of these suggested trends clouding the Internet, I can’t help but ask why we never update our peers with developing trends that are still trying to take notice?

Design Trends-Colorful Keyboard

Trends that are still developing are the most inspirational and influencing pieces that a designer and business owner can use to take them to the next level and separate themselves from the competition.  These developing trends are being practiced and built by many new and experienced professionals who will luckily one day hit it into main stream marketing. Once widely noticed, the creative competition for its use will be focused on for the next few years. But why not stand out now?


Below are three examples of developing design trends soon to take full flight:

Augmented Reality

A relatively new trend that many online stores and apps have included so that you can interact in a specific location virtually, whether you’re currently there or not. This trend is multi-sensory and is still being built upon by companies. This developing trend is perfect to implement into your business to stand out from your competitors by using it in a new creative way or purpose.


These small animations are being used on mobile apps to produce more visually appealing effects to build up the user experience and overall visual appearance. No matter how small the animation, these elements make a huge impact in the quality of the platform. Why not make a button dance or slide into place?

Animated Logos

Animation is a well-known design element surely to take your marketing to the next level! However, creating your own custom animations and characters can become pricey, which takes many away from the idea. But companies are now taking a more simplified look at animation and implementing movement within their logos. This developing trend will help your business stand out from a crowd and truly show the capabilities and time your business can bring to others.

With all companies and brands trying to get noticed, these three trends are sure to help capture your audience’s attention. Are you ready to expand your creative?