Mar 2017


Let’s talk about what I call “calculator-itis.”

My definition of “calculator-itis” is when business owners and sales reps continue to charge customers the same margins year after year without any routine, timely reviews.

Continuing to charge customers the same margins over time doesn’t make sense because our value to customers grows as our expertise grows, and as they grow to rely on us as a trusted advisor. Additionally, some customers can become more demanding of us and our company resources over time.

That’s why I recommend an annual review of all your customers and the margins you are charging them. Further, in your annual review, you may identify some customers who should no longer receive the personal attention you provide them and should be delegated to an inside customer service rep or newer sales rep (not at full commissions).

Let me encourage you to schedule an annual review of all your customers, the margins you charge them and the time they require from you, and make the changes that are best for you and your bottom line.

The cure for “calculator-itis” is an annual check-up.


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