Feb 2019

The Value of Long-Term Supplier Partnerships

Anyone responsible for coordinating projects and campaigns appreciates the value of a team they can trust. Keeping every aspect moving on time and in the right direction can be a challenge, even when all collaborators are in-house. So when a project manager needs to outsource some or all of the work, relying on the wrong… Read More


Oct 2016

Are Your Print & Promotional Programs Bringing Value?

Did you know that your print and promotional products can do more than just fill a need? Rather than simply calling in your next order of business cards or sourcing water bottles for your spring trade show, consider some of these possibilities to start adding value through your print and promotional programs: 1. Automating processes significantly reduces… Read More


Sep 2016

A Partnership Approach with Suppliers Will Benefit Your Business

At Proforma, we’re proud to serve as strategic partners to our clients, rather than simply product vendors. Because it’s never really about products anyway. It’s about targeting promotions to drive revenue, simplifying buying processes and technology to streamline workflows, and – quite simply – freeing your time to focus on activities that directly impact your… Read More


Aug 2016

3 Simple Tips for Keeping Group Projects Running Smoothly

Sometimes the simplest actions can make the biggest difference. Here are three practices our team follows for group projects to make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction: Send out agendas before calls We want to make sure we’re not misusing anyone’s time with meetings that beat around the bush or don’t have a clear… Read More


Aug 2016

Simple Tips for Attending Your First Tradeshow

So you’re six months into your new job and… surprise! You’re scheduled to attend the company’s biggest annual event. It’s a great opportunity to learn and meet new people, but long days on your feet and being away from home can create challenges. Here are some simple tips for keeping it all together and capitalizing… Read More


Jun 2016

“Write Like You Talk,” and Other Tips That Work for Proposal Development

I spend hours every week writing – proposals, emails and the occasional short story on Facebook. Over the years I’ve picked up on a few things that seem to be well-received by the general public, though some might offend the more proper among us. Write Like You Talk: When it comes to communication, I’m all… Read More


May 2016

Tips for Managing Stress at Work

Everybody’s been there. You have too many balls in the air, tight deadlines are closing in and a last-minute project pops up that needs attention right now. So how do you relax and take it all in stride? Some of these are habits I’ve personally found helpful while others were inspired by friends and coworkers…. Read More


May 2016

Career Advancement Often Requires Critical Thinking

Have you ever noticed that many people simply do what they’re told? They don’t push back, rarely ask questions and – for the most part – simply respond to requests without offering much insight or additional comments. More than ever, we’re hearing from clients who are sick of that. We’re hearing: Are you truly going… Read More


Apr 2016

Explaining “Why” Improves Projects and Relationships

“Can you send me some figures on our year-over-year growth?” “Which vendor would you recommend for this product?” “Can you draft a response to this question about social responsibility?” How many times have you been pulled – or pulled someone else – into a project with a blanket request sans background? Of course we’re all… Read More