Feb 2017

Setting a Routine Leads to a Better You – Part Two

In the first installment of this blog, I talked about the importance of setting a routine, why daily routines are so effective and how starting your day with a success can lead to an even better day. Now that you know the facts behind setting a daily routine, I’m going to share my daily routine… Read More


Feb 2017

Setting a Routine Leads to a Better You – Part One

With an emerging number of successful entrepreneurs and small business start-ups, it has become fairly evident through the power of the internet that there is one major thing successful or even happy people have in common. Aside from the drive to start a business and the intellectual knowledge of their chosen field, the implementation of… Read More


Dec 2016

Get Creative with Guerilla Marketing

If you’re looking for a unique, fun and unusual way to get the attention of prospective customers, guerilla marketing may be exactly what you’re looking for. So what is guerilla marketing and how can it be used to give your business that extra push? Defining guerilla marketing can be a bit challenging because it encompasses… Read More


Oct 2016

7 Steps to a Successful Logo Design

Where do all the awesome logos of the world come from? They often begin as nothing more than an abstract idea bouncing around inside a client’s head. Then, almost by magic, these ideas are transformed into a completed mark, proudly emblazoned on jackets, hats, business cards, websites and so much more. What steps are taken… Read More