Feb 2017

4 Lessons Special Projects Can Teach About Professional Development

Special projects are inescapable. There’s no doubt that throughout your career, at some point, you’ll be assigned to work on something that you weren’t prepared for or necessarily expected. In many cases you may be chugging along, progressing and growing in your career and out of the blue get a call that you’re needed for… Read More


Aug 2016

The Top 5 Uses for Coleman® Coolers For End of Summer

As summer comes to a close, try to not let the shorter and cooler days prematurely make you a couch potato. There’s still time to get out, enjoy the weather with the company of friends and family. And what better addition to that equation than finding new and unique ways to spend time together? Here… Read More


May 2016

3 Technology Trends Guaranteed to Make a Big Impact with Your Clients

As a sales and marketing professional, there’s no doubt that you’ve had to find creative ways of delivering your brand’s message to prospective and current customers. At times, product driven branding can be a challenge. While it’s well documented that pens, bags and apparel are great vehicles to keep your brand top of mind with… Read More


Apr 2016

3 Reasons to Implement A Call to Action Marketing Strategy

As the disciplines of sales and marketing become more intertwined thanks to modern age of instant connectivity, we find that there’s a need now more than ever to ensure that marketing initiatives have a strong call to action marketing strategy. Many times we see that brands are incredibly active with both digital marketing as well… Read More


Mar 2016

4 Work Culture Activities To Build Camaraderie

Transitioning from one job to the next is a major life choice. Not only will it impact the direction of your career and financial position, it will also dictate the individuals you are surrounded by for 40 or more hours each week. Just as important as it is to ensure that your ducks are in… Read More