Apr 2017

When it Comes to ROI, Promo Products Rule

With an often limited budget to put toward marketing and advertising, companies are regularly challenged with deciding which channels or vehicles will deliver the most ROI. For their part, promo products are often compared against traditional forms of marketing such as television, radio or print advertising. It has been found that promo products actually deliver the best return for investment – one that extends beyond just reaching existing clients.


The Return from Promo Products

Findings published in Advantages magazine indicate that the majority (60%) of people who receive promotional merchandise then decide that they will do business with the granting company and experience an overall increase in their favorable impression toward that company.

Also of benefit is the fact that promotional products commonly get passed on to others if not used by the original person, rather than being thrown away. This actually provides a viral way for the company to reach more of its target audience and beyond without having to do the work or pay for additional impressions.

Even better is the fact that this strategy is so much cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising mediums, offering a considerable payoff for what can be as little as half a cent per impression than, say, a few dollars or more per impression utilizing the traditional route.

In order to get the best return, however, it is recommended that a company does its homework and gets an idea of the individual preferences among various demographic groups that may be targeted as part of a promo product campaign. Some promotional items are more attractive to certain groups than others and it’s imperative to strategize accordingly.


Promo Products that Fare Well

In a list of promotional products that appeal to the largest audience and deliver an attractive return, the most ROI was gained from:

  • Bags, backpacks and totes
  • Caps and headwear
  • Writing instruments like pens and pencils
  • Shirts of all different styles
  • Calendars, diaries and planners

These are practical items that most anyone can use so the recipient is likely to hold onto the item and even wear it if it’s apparel-related and in turn, become walking billboards for the company whose logo and information are on them, which enhances the potential ROI. These items also have considerable room to put critical contact information, including name, address, phone, email and website address.