Feb 2020

Success Advice From Norm Hullinger, CEO of alphabroder®

For the new year, I have decided to ask some of the most respected industry leaders to share their thoughts on success.

Thank you to Norm Hullinger, the CEO of the #1 ranked
supplier in the industry alphabroder®, for sharing his valuable advice.

From your years of experience, what do you think the most financially successful people in our industry have in common?

Norm’s advice: “I think the most financially successful
people in our industry are incredibly well balanced. That is, they can be very
focused and intense with regard to their business, but still very human and
approachable when dealing with their customers and coworkers.”

What advice would you give someone that wants to become very financially successful?

Norm’s advice: “My only advice to someone pursuing
financial success in our industry would be to always remember to always treat
the person on the other side of every conversation, email, or negotiation with
the utmost respect and remember that they are simply trying to do their job. I
would remind people to remember how it felt when you were just starting your
career and had little leverage and ‘juice.’ I would guess that everyone simply
wanted to be treated with respect. We should all remind ourselves of that, and
act accordingly.”

What I appreciate most from Norm’s words is that these
are all very achievable and admirable characteristics to run our business and
our lives by which I’m sure we would all choose. The bottom line is YOU CAN DO
IT. Success is not “rocket science.” Success is the result of choices all of us
could and should make every day.

Thanks again Norm.

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