Mar 2020

Success Advice from Jeremy Lott, President of SanMar®

My newest approach to the Million Dollar Mindset; asking respected industry leaders to share their thoughts on success has been insightful for me, and I hope it has been for you. The most recent respected leader I asked to share their thoughts is the president of SanMar®, Jeremy Lott.

Question for Jeremy: Throughout your years of experience in the printing and promotional products industry, what do you think the most financially successful people have in common? What advice would you give someone that wants to become very financially successful in our industry?

Jeremy’s advice:

“From my experience, there are a few traits that most people who are financially successful have. At the top of that list is a constant drive to do better.

We are never comfortable with our success, but constantly challenging ourselves and our teams on how we can improve. This isn’t always a great trait. When your son or daughter comes home with a 99 on their test and you talk about the one they missed, or your team delivers its optimistic sales goals and you ask about the order they missed, you can put people off. That said, the people I know who are most successful all share that drive. They all want that order and they want the 100 percent. Comfortable is just not in their DNA.”

Thank you, Jeremy, for sharing your advice about financial success with me in hopes to inspire others to achieve more in our industry.

Jeremy’s proven success comes from his ability to combine strategy and vision for SanMar. Working alongside his father, Marty, the founder of SanMar®; and his brother, Jorday, who is an executive in the SanMar organization as well, he has helped the company grow in his 16 years to 4,000 employees and eight distribution centers in the United States. His focus is to continually advance SanMar® and provide long-term growth and success as a leading supplier in our industry.

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