Apr 2020

Giving You the Help You Want

These very different times call for a very different approach to my blog,
Million Dollar Mindset.

The main purpose of my blog is to help you develop the mindset to create your own million-dollar success. Some of you were probably well on your way until a few weeks ago. Then our world changed in a way none of us could have imagined. A way none of us have experienced before.

Some of you may just need a compassionate ear or a place to share your
concerns and questions during this unique time.

I understand.

Back when Proforma was a much smaller company, I went through some very
tough times. I had no one to talk with. I couldn’t talk with my wife (now my
ex). No need for both of us to be very terrified. I couldn’t talk with the
employees. They were counting on me for solid leadership and a secure

I understand.

That’s why I’m offering to help you. No strings attached. After 40+ years
and building a $500 million dollar company, there’s not much I haven’t seen and
worked my way through. Perhaps you just need someone to listen. Perhaps you
need input and advice. Perhaps there are others like you who can benefit as
well and I would be happy to create a Master Mind Group to help folks share and
care together.

Just email me, greg@proforma.com.

Yes, these are different times, but perhaps I can make a difference for you.

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