Apr 2016

6 Ways to Repurpose your Best Content

Creating impactful content that appeals to your target audience may mean hours of creative brainstorming and work. With all that time and energy put into one piece of content, you want to gain as much as you can from it, right? Utilizing your content in a variety of ways over several platforms is the best… Read More


Apr 2016

Does Branded Merchandise Work for Fundraising?

Branded Merchandise: An Effective Medium to Create Awareness and Influence Behavior Marketing professionals are given many choices to increase brand awareness and responsiveness including print advertising, digital advertising, TV, radio, social media content and event sponsorship(s). This essay explores the effectiveness of promotional products and branded merchandise as an alternative advertising medium. Consider the following:… Read More


Apr 2016

Create Consistent Tone For Your Brand Messaging

I was passing some time recently by looking at my phone and noticed that my App Store icon had the little red circle with a number, the universal symbol that some of my apps had been updated. Always excited to have the most recent versions of my software, I began the process. Most people probably… Read More


Apr 2016

5 Points To Avoid When Writing a Job Posting

If you read my previous blog, 5 Tips for Writing a Job Posting, then you’re well on your way to writing a successful job posting. Before you post that job, though, here are five points to avoid when writing a job posting. 1. Ignoring compensation Salary plays a big role in a candidate’s decision to… Read More


Mar 2016

3 Ways to Gain Stronger Brand Control

In the business world, your brand is everything. Its meaning stretches far beyond showcasing your company name and logo. The brand that you create allows the public to know what you stand for and provide, and in order for it to be effective it almost needs to exude its own personality. After all, the more… Read More


Mar 2016

4 Work Culture Activities To Build Camaraderie

Transitioning from one job to the next is a major life choice. Not only will it impact the direction of your career and financial position, it will also dictate the individuals you are surrounded by for 40 or more hours each week. Just as important as it is to ensure that your ducks are in… Read More


Mar 2016

Seven Habits That Are Hurting Your Credibility

Some things that seem like no big deal might actually be hurting your professional relationships. I crowd sourced a few office mates to learn what makes them immediately question another person’s credibility. Here are some common offenses in no particular order: 1. An addiction to electronics: Though I maintain that this list is in no particular… Read More


Mar 2016

The Importance of a Business Plan

Who do you want to be when you grow up? What are you going to do after you graduate from school? We’re all very familiar with these questions. It seems that throughout life, people want to know your plan. Whether you are a business owner or employee, you should be asking these same types of… Read More