Sep 2017

Less is More – Minimalism in Practice

In my last blog post I discussed my new found interest with this idea of minimalism. It all sparked from the documentary, “Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things” and I’ve been trying to re-condition myself to live a life where having “less” is more comfortable than having “more.” Since my last blog post about… Read More


Aug 2017

Less is More

Typically, I like to incorporate some sort of “life lesson” into my blog posts. Something I truly believe in or tips that could be useful to someone else. But for this blog post, I would like to share / recommend a new lifestyle I am interested in attempting. Let me begin with where I got… Read More


May 2017

How to Embrace Change

Have you ever had an idea in your head on how something was supposed to go? Whether it was a meeting with a client, a project you were working on or maybe just the day ahead of you. You review what you might say, how you’re going to approach the situation, a game-plan to complete… Read More


Apr 2017

Spring Clean Yourself

Spring is officially here! And with the weather warming up and the sun setting later, it gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy each day just a little longer. For those who get the cold and dim winters, spring may feel like you have finally reached the end of the tunnel and are no longer living… Read More


Mar 2017

Workplace Benefits Employees Want and Need

In my last blog post I discussed how a casual dress code is becoming more and more common in today’s workplace. The last key point I discussed was how having the ability to dress casually for work makes people feel more comfortable, which ultimately leads to an increase in motivation. In this blog post I… Read More


Feb 2017

Benefits of a Casual Workplace

Casual dress in the workplace is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s corporate workforce. Companies are ditching the suit and tie, dresses and skirts and replacing them with the jeans and button-up or blouse combination. If you’re wondering why this change is happening in the corporate world, here are three reasons why business casual is… Read More


Jan 2017

First Impressions and Why They Matter

Whether you’re welcoming guests who are visiting your business or training a new employee, the first impression you give of yourself is important. A good example of this can be found in your everyday shopping and dining experiences. When you walk in the door of a store or a restaurant, you’re hoping to have a… Read More


Dec 2016

The Benefits of Note-Taking

Taking notes. I absolutely dreaded it in college. I would be the student who was relieved that the professor gave you the option to print off the PowerPoint slides. But today I sing a different tune. Since I now work in an assistant position, I’ve learned that note taking is critical. A lot of my… Read More