Nov 2016

Three Ways your Business can Go Green

Eco-friendly or green products have become increasingly popular throughout the last decade. As a society, we want to leave our world a better place, and as our population grows and resources thin, the switch to these types of consumables is a no-brainer. Making the adjustment to utilize sustainable products will actually save your business money… Read More


Oct 2016

5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Tradeshow Exhibition

Whether you own a small business or work for a large corporation, tradeshows are an excellent way to increase brand recognition and get your company’s name out for all your potential clients and customers to see. According to the Global Exhibition Industry, there are approximately 13,000 tradeshow exhibitions each year – clearly, there is an… Read More


Sep 2016

Trending Threads: Promote Your Brand with Apparel

Personal expression comes in many forms: art, music, clothing, etc. From hats and jackets to shirts and uniforms, these items provide a way for your clients to express themselves while marketing your company. Wearables as a whole maintain a very high advertiser awareness rate. Look to the popular styles in apparel for your next promotion and… Read More


Sep 2016

Make a Lasting Impression with the Almighty Calendar

As a sales and marketing professional, you are always promoting your business. Whether through print advertising, promotional giveaways, digital media and more, you’re constantly trying to get your brand exposed to as many potential customers as possible. Well look no further than what is probably tacked up in your office or on your coworker’s cubicle… Read More


Aug 2016

Trending Promotional Items! Get em’ While They’re HOT!

With literally hundreds of thousands of promotional items to choose from, it’s hard to keep up on what is trending and what’s ‘so last season.’ Here are a few of my favorite new products that not only make a statement but are utilized in everyday life. These items will present your brand and expose your… Read More


Jul 2016

Utilizing the Back to School Season for your Business

Education is a priority in today’s society and encouraging the ABC’s and 123’s will help the next generation and your business grow. You can take advantage of this busy season by donating your time and resources throughout the community. Start the school year off right with fresh and fun marketing ideas that make a statement… Read More


Jul 2016

Motivate Employees with Awards and Incentives

A successful business isn’t just defined by sales. It encompasses all aspects of your company, including the happiness of your employees. Engaging employees to fulfill your company goals and meet performance objectives can be as easy as implementing an incentive program that recognizes team effort and outstanding results. Creating tiered incentives to attract and engage… Read More


Jun 2016

The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid Making at Your Next Tradeshow

There’s no doubt about it – tradeshows can be daunting. There’s pressure to appeal to prospects and lure them away from your competitors’ booths, making sure you stay on top of your “A” game, and remembering not to fret over the small voice in the back of your head that’s reminding you that any oversight… Read More


Jun 2016

Leaps of Faith when Hiring Employees

I have overheard many colleagues and friends over the years say that the job they currently hold has nothing to do with their background or college degree. If you aren’t fortunate enough to land a job in the market you are trained in, don’t stress. If you are an employer possibility considering a candidate from… Read More


Apr 2016

Local Seasonal Opportunities for your Business

As spring approaches, so does the start of many opportunities for your business to grow. Look around your city and take note of all the possibilities to get your brand out there in front of the masses. From local sport sponsorships to wedding tradeshows- the events happening right under your nose could bring big business… Read More